Students celebrate success at graduation ceremonies across Vernadsky CFU


Thousands of happy graduates celebrated their university achievements as V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University’s academic units and branches held their graduation ceremonies to honour all the hard work of students, their years of commitment, sacrifice and life-changing experience.

Professor Vladimir Kuryanov, Vice-Rector for Academic and Administrative Policy, congratulated the graduands on reaching the end of yet another chapter in their lives.

“No matter where life takes you, you will always be students and graduates of V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University. This year marks the centennial anniversary of the first university in Crimea and this year’s graduating class will stand out for that reason. I would like you to remember this day as a very special one: the day when you felt connected with the history of famous people who created or studied at this university; the day when you realised that you’re part of this great community,” he said.

This year, a total of over 7,000 higher education degrees and over 1,000 secondary vocational qualifications were awarded at Vernadsky CFU’s graduation ceremonies with students graduating from a range of disciplines including medicine and pharmacy, economics and management, law, science, civil engineering and architecture, education, languages, agriculture, and many others.

Vernadsky CFU wishes each of them every success in their careers or future study.