Partners for Recruitment of Foreign Students For Medical Academy named after S.I. Georgievsky of V.I. Vernadsky Crimea Federal University




  1. Company Name: A-E Diana 05

Director: Mr. Igor Savichkin

Address: Str. Anapskoi Highway 41, Flat no.32, Novosibirsk, Krasnodar region,

      Russian Federation

Contact: +7(978) 787-74-29 / +7(978) 888-35-50


  1. Company: Agency for Cooperation in Education Limited Liability Company

Director:  Mr. Anton Kobzarev

Address- Vorontsovskaya street, 35B building 3, office 410, Moscow 109147

Email Id – or

Contact No.- +7 (499) 648-88-99


  1. Company Name : EDUWORLD

Director: Mr. Wassim Ben Ghodbane

Address: Our orientation center is located at the El Nassim building (Kobbi Cuisine), 4th

floor Rue du lac victoria les berges du lac 1 (Behind TLS Contact).

Email ID:

Contact Number : 0021656832301


  1. Company Name:  Education Export Center llc.

DIRECTOR:  Mr. Dmitri Nersesyan

Address – 60, Profsoyuznaya Street, Moscow

Contact:  +74951524497