Happy Students’ Day to all international students in our community!


In Russia, January 25th marks Tatiana’s Day, in honour of Saint Tatiana of Rome. It is also celebrated across the country as the Students’ Day. Back in the 18th century, on 25 January 1755, Empress Elizabeth signed a decree founding Russia’s first university, Moscow State University. Since then, Tatiana has gained the status of Patron Saint of students. Read more

Key geopolitical events of 2023 discussed at Vernadsky CFU


On 22 December 2023, the Vernadsky CFU’s Office of International Affairs hosted a traditional end-of-year international round table focusing on “Geopolitical Results of the Year”. This was the ninth annual event of its kind, attracting the University’s staff and students, home as well as international, local and regional officials and public figures. Read more

Student talents shine bright at Vernadsky CFU


Vernadsky CFU’s Medical Institute held its second annual talent competition among the international students of the Institute’s International Medical Faculty called ‘IMF GOT Talent 2023’ on November 24, 2023. Read more

Russia’s soft power discussed at Vernadsky CFU


On November 17, 2023, the university’s Office of International Affairs hosted a round table discussion themed “The Soft Power of Russia” which explored the topical issues pertaining to Russia’s relations with other countries. Read more