Welcome to a New Academic Year!



 Dear international students!

We would like to extend our warmest congratulations on the beginning of a new academic year at Vernadsky CFU!

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Russian Government-Funded Study Opportunities for International Students


Every year, the Russian Federation government offers thousands of government-funded seats for international candidates, and the number of international applicants admitted to study at various Russian institutions of higher learning through the quotas issued by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education grows annually. In academic year 2019/2020, it exceeded 13,000. The following year, it reached almost 15,000. This year, it is set to rise to 18,000. Read more

Happy Africa Day!


Every year on May 25, Africans and the rest of the world celebrate Africa Day to mark the determination of the people of Africa to liberate the continent from foreign domination and exploitation as well as the birth of the African Union. Read more

Happy Russian Students’ Day!


On January 25, 1755, Empress Elizabeth signed a decree founding the very first university in Russia. Since then, the day is celebrated throughout the country as the Students’ Day. Read more

I Love Crimea! – Photography Competition


In the run-up to – and as part of – the IV International Forum of the University’s Foreign Students and Graduates – Crimea in the Global Research and Education Community – we are launching a photography competition with the theme “I Love Crimea!”. Read more

Welcome to a new academic year at Vernadsky CFU!


Dear students, staff, partners and friends!

It’s the first of September, the first day of a new academic year, and we are delighted to welcome our new and returning students, faculty and staff back to our campuses. We would like to extend a special and very warm welcome to our international students! Read more

Online study mode of anatomy – it is possible



Since the first days of the online study mode many people have been interested in the question how practical classes will be held for medical students. The access to corpse material and to an interactive anatomical table is now not available due to definite reasons, and it is not very effective to study anatomy only from “flat” pictures in the textbook. The Associate Professor of the Department of Normal Anatomy of the Medical S.I. Georgievsky Academy Vladimir Ovcharenko has found a way out of the situation with the help of his hobby – programming. Based on the API (application programming interface) of the BioDigital platform, he has created a system for teaching and testing on anatomy using a 3D model. Read more