Division of International Academic Mobility


Head of Division

Zhanna Kuliaeva
E-mail: j.kulyaeva@cfuv.ru


The objectives of the Division of International Academic Mobility are:

  • To expand the University’s international research and educational collaborations, offer organizational and advisory support for the University’s academic staff and students mobility, as well as to attract international faculty, researchers and students to the University;
  • To enhance the quality, openness, and mobility of teaching and learning through facilitating the exchange of best practices with international partners;
  • To provide day-to-day advice and guidance to Vernadsky CFU academic units and staff on issues within the Division’s area of responsibility.


The primary functions of the Division include the following:

  • Coordinating and supporting the international academic mobility activities led by the Vernadsky CFU academic units (working closely with the academic units’ staff members responsible for international activities, providing advice and assistance to them, collecting the relevant data, organizing related events, arranging meetings with international academics, etc.);
  • Providing support to the University’s academic units and branches in arranging and hosting visits of international academics;
  • Promoting communication regarding international academic mobility throughout the University;
  • Disseminating updates and other materials covering the University’s outbound student and staff mobility through the University’s information resources;
  • Establishing a database of the Vernadsky CFU’s students and academic staff mobility;
  • Conducting ongoing monitoring and assessment of the areas, different kinds, and results of the Vernadsky CFU’s academic mobility;
  • Preparing regular reports on the Division’s activities.