Division of International Education


Head of Division

 Tatiana Serzhanova 
 E-mail: t.serzhanova@cfuv.ru


The Division’s primary objectives include:

  • To develop the Vernadsky CFU’s international collaborations in education;
  • To provide support and services for international students at the Vernadsky CFU;
  • To advise on the relevant Russian legislation, as well as to provide information about academic exchanges, study abroad opportunities, field schools, funding sources, international education and research to the Vernadsky CFU’s students and staff.


The Division of International Education has the following main functions:

  • Increasing the University’s international collaborations, improving their quality and efficiency, offering support for the University’s academic units in their international activities in education, research and innovations based on the University’s development priorities;
  • Building the University’s sustainable global profile and reputation through various outreach and information activities and events;
  • Increasing the number of international students at the University at both undergraduate and postgraduate level;
  • Providing opportunities for the University’s academic units’ staff to improve their knowledge and understanding of the Russian legislation regarding the stay, recruitment of and provision of training to foreign nationals;
  • Facilitating the work of the University’s academic units related to providing services for legalisation of degree certificates issued by the University and obtaining degree equivalency certificates;
  • Providing informational support to the University’s academic units on issues regarding obtaining statutory and voluntary health insurance plans by the University’s international students.