Office of Monitoring of Innovative Projects and Programmes Coordination and Support



Offices Activities

  • Monitoring of objective researches on Regional problems of the Republic of Crimea;
  • Monitoring of the results of University’s scientific activities;
  • Coordination of work of academic units and branches of the University in innovative development and perspective projects realization;
  • Assistance in University’s innovative infrastructure development, monitoring and assessment of efficience of its academic units and branches innovative development, economic societies and partnership created with its participation;
  • Working out projects, programmes, conceptions and activity plans, sections in the university development programs for innovative development, participation in cluster projects and support of long-term projects;
  • Development of University’s innovative activities, including partnership with enterprises and organizations of the real economic sector;
  • Organizational, technical, information and analytical assistance in realization of innovations commercialization projects at the University.

Contact information

Republic of Crimea, Simferopol, Vernadsky ave.4, room 422, building B