Office of International Affairs


Head of Office

Aleksandr Mashchenko

Tel: +73 652 516 518


International Affairs comprises three divisions which work together to enable the University to meet its objectives. Please choose a division from the list below to find out more. 

The Office of International Affairs is responsible for developing and implementing a coherent strategy to promote the Vernadsky CFU’s international relations and global profile.


The Vernadsky CFU’s international activities aim to implement international programmes which promote quality training of future highly-qualified professionals for the Republic of Crimea and the Russian Federation. Our international activities enable us to attract material and human resources to reach this aim, facilitate the development of the University’s educational and research activities based on the best global practices and in accordance with up-to-date international standards, and to strengthen the University’s international standing.


In pursuit of this aim, the Office of International Affairs has the following objectives:

  • to enhance collaboration with existing international partner institutions, establish new contacts, and explore new opportunities;
  • to develop international programmes involving the University’s students, faculty, and staff that can be implemented both in Vernadsky CFU and in partner universities;
  • to promote deeper engagement of the University’s faculty and staff in international activities;
  • to facilitate international academic mobility, which includes exchange education, exchanges of students for research purposes, exchanges aimed at developing competence in intercultural communication, international educational network projects, joint educational programmes;
  • to internationalise education, and to provide support to and facilitate integration of international students of the Vernadsky CFU into campus life and the curriculum;
  • to develop and implement plans and policies that enhance the University’s global standing and position.

The work of the Office is broad and includes such functions as:


  • Coordinating a range of international activities to build and enhance the University’s international relations;
  • Providing support to and facilitating integration of international academic staff and students of the Vernadsky CFU;
  • Promoting deeper engagement of the University’s faculty and staff in international activities;
  • Facilitating international academic mobility;
  • Promoting the Vernadsky CFU’s global profile;
  • Developing and implementing strategic plans and policies that enhance the University’s worldwide reputation as a modern centre for education, research, competence, and culture;
  • Managing institutional international visits and planning outbound missions;
  • Supporting the University’s research and educational activities.


Contact us:

ul. Bespalova, 45-B

Simferopol, Republic of Crimea

Tel./Fax: +73 652 516 518