International students reached the final of the VIII All-Russian Olympiad in the Russian language

Six students of the V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University from the countries of near and far abroad reached the final of the VIII All-Russian Olympiad for international students of the higher educational institutions of the Russian Federation. The final stage will take place on 28th March in Stavropol on the basis of the North Caucasus Federal University.

At first (registration) stage participants had to cope with a number of tasks: fill in several questionnaires, describing themselves in details: their interests, goals, dreams, achievements, express opinions on some issues and substantiate the answer.

Then they successfully completed tasks of the elimination round, which required that students should know not only vocabulary, grammar, phraseology, norms of the literary Russian language, but also Russian literature.

International students of the Medical Academy of the Vernadsky CFU were among the best participants:

  1. Kanyiti Rukaiya Hussein (Ghana) – 100 points
  2. Mohamed Mahmoud Arafa Abdelfattah Elfeky (Egypt) – 100 points
  3. Ilechukwu Cynthia Chiamaka (Nigeria) – 99 points
  4. Karyofyllidis Efstathios (Greece) – 96 points
  5. Jumanov Shakhboz (Uzbekistan) – 95,33 points
  6. Nour Mahal Sara (Iran) – 92,6 points

“Two months ago teacher informed me about the upcoming Olympiad in the Russian language for international students of the Russian Federation and invited me to take part in it”, – said 4th year student of the international faculty Efstathios Karyofyllidis. – “I immediately agreed, as I’m very interested in the Russian language, traditions, history, and culture of this great country. I worked hard to be prepared for the elimination round and to have an opportunity to go further and win. It was not easy, but I was motivated by my goal and slogan “MIRACLES CAN BE WORKED WITH THE RUSSIAN LANGUAGE!” (seems to be Paustovsky’s words). Therefore, I’m always ready for a miracle”.

“Elimination round was complicated but interesting. I learned a lot and I’m satisfied with my result”, – shared her impression the 6th year student of the Medical Academy Sara Nour Mahal.

Students who scored the maximum number of points (100 of 100) agree that success consists of 5 elements: 1) the presence of a competent teacher who, so to say, equips you – gives you a boat and oars, shows how and where to row, turns on a lighthouse; the rest – 80% depends on you and 20% on force majeure circumstances; 2) self-discipline, the ability to listen and apply knowledge, the ability to navigate quickly in any incomprehensible situation; 3) experience; 4) attitude to what you are doing; 5) desire to do better today than yesterday, constantly moving forward.

“Every year international students of the Crimean Federal University participate in All-Russian Olympiads in the Russian language, this is an important part of educational work. We are pleased that our students show great interest to the Russian language and achieve good results”, – said head of the office of international affairs Aleksandr Mashchenko.

We congratulate our students and wish them success in the final!