Vernadsky CFU Welcomes Doctors from Africa for Summer University Programme


V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University welcomed 11 medical doctors from six African countries, who arrived to study a programme in Medicine delivered as part of the Russia – Africa Multidisciplinary Summer University Project. The programme runs until 8th September and is aimed at equipping medical professionals with new knowledge and skills in their specialist areas.

According to Vernadsky CFU Rector Professor Andrei Falaleev, this is the first programme of its kind offered by the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education for international graduates of Russian universities. “Medical degree earners make up the overwhelming majority of Vernadsky CFU international graduates, and therefore we chose to deliver a programme in Medicine. This field is of particular social importance. During the pandemic, doctors have become increasingly respected and appreciated all over the world,” said Andrei Falaleev.

Within this project, V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University offers programmes in the disciplines of Reproductive Science and Surgery. The programmes are attended by a diverse group of Vernadsky CFU graduates from various years representing Libya, Nigeria, Sudan, Tanzania, Tunisia, and Zimbabwe.

Co-hosted by ten Russian universities and attended by more than 100 participants from Africa, the Russia – Africa Summer University Project is part of the Russian-African Network University Consortium.