Vietnamese researcher successfully defends thesis at Vernadsky CFU


Vietnamese researcher Dinh Le Hong Giang has successfully defended his Candidate of Sciences in Political Science thesis at Vernadsky CFU.

The dissertation was focused on the foreign policy strategy of Vietnam in the context of great power rivalry in the Asia-Pacific region.

In recent years, there has been an increase in the Russian Federation’s interest in the countries of Southeast Asia, Dinh Le Hong Giang states. Vietnam is a priority area of the ‘Asia Pivot’ policy pursued by the Russian government.

“Developing a comprehensive strategic partnership with Russia is one of Vietnam’s top overseas priorities. Strategic cooperation with Russia in military and defense areas helps Vietnam ensure its security. At the diplomatic level, Russia’s proximity to both Vietnam and China objectively contributes to Russia’s position to mediate between the parties in finding a common ground in resolving disputes in the South China Sea peacefully. Moreover, Russia’s presence in Southeast Asia and its involvement in regional issues ensure continued multilateral dialogue on development and security through preventing dominance of one of the great powers. Maintaining close cooperation with Russia helps Vietnam pursue indirect balancing strategy in its relations with China while maintaining a certain distance in relations with the United States,” commented Aleksandr Mashchenko, Head of the Office of International Affairs at Vernadsky CFU.

V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University enjoys longstanding and close ties with the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. The university has graduated several dozens of Vietnamese nationals into a variety of professions. In Vietnam, there is an informal, but very active community of Crimean universities alumni, which name translates to “People of Simferopol” in English.

Several visits by Vernadsky CFU representatives to Vietnam have resulted in cooperation agreements between the university and several major Vietnamese universities, including Vietnam National University, Hanoi University, and Hanoi Architectural University.