Wishing all our international students a happy and joyous Russian Students’ Day!


Dear Vernadsky CFU international students,

In Russia, January 25th marks Tatiana’s Day, in honour of Saint Tatiana of Rome. It is also celebrated across the country as Russian Students’ Day. Back in the 18th century, on January 25, 1755 Empress Elizabeth signed a decree founding Russia’s first university, Moscow State University. Since then, Tatiana is considered patron saint of students.

While representing their countries of origin with dignity and pride, international students are an important part of Russia’s multicultural student community, and thus they celebrate this traditional Russian holiday along with their Russian peers.

With several hundred thousand students from across the globe, Russia is one of the world’s major hubs for international education. Today, V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University is proud to be a home away from home for well over two and a half thousand international students from forty-five countries.

We are confident that the years spent in Crimea will be happy and fruitful, and that you’ll graduate from Vernadsky CFU equipped to succeed in your lives. We hope that at our university you’ll make reliable friends for live and learn invaluable knowledge and skills that will set you up for a bright future.