Tuition Payment Details


Payments in Russian Ruble


Federal Treasury Department in the Republic of Crimea (Vernadsky CFU, c/a 30756Щ76740)
Taxpayer Identification No (INN) 9102028795
Tax Registration Reason Code (KPP) 910201001

Beneficiary’s Bank

Branch in the Republic of Crimea
Simferopol, BIC 043510001
Acc. 40501810435102000001

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  • Sub-Acc. No.:
    • Taurida Academy 2.1.1
    • Taurida College 2.8.1
    • Institute of Economics and Management 2.16.1
    • Academy of Construction and Architecture 2.3.1
    • Academy of Bioresources and Environmental Management 2.2.1
    • Medical Academy named after S.I. Georgievsky 2.4.1
    • Medical College 2.10.1
    • Physics and Technology Institute 2.15.1
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