Division of Internal Audit and Financial Control


Division Head

Georgiy Les

Division Staff

  • Elena Oleynik, Chief Auditor
  • Dmitriy Gaydeev, Lead Auditor
  • Natalya Rebrenyuk, Lead Auditor

Division’s Activities

  • Analysis and assessment of internal control of audit inspection for fullfillment of laws and other regulations of the Russian Federation, local regulations of V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University, local regulations of financial and economic activities, budget regulations of the University and other documents determining internal standards and procedures in a specific activity;
  • Preparation of recommendations on increasing of internal financial control quality;
  • Analysis and assessment of documents authenticity, including accounting reports and its keeping accordance with regulations of the Russian Federation, and also the accordance of cost accounting order to methodology and accountant standards, regulated by Ministryof Finance;
  • Analysis and assessment of efficiency and reliability of the internal control, implemented by audit inspections;
  • Efficiency assessment (economy and success) and also target use of financial and non-financial resources, expediency and legitimacy of internal financial and economic operations made by audit inspections;
  • Determination and elimination (prevention) of violations and illegal actions of officials, influencing negatively on budget use by University and also the reasons and conditions of these violations.

Contact information

Republic of Crimea, Simferopol, Lenin ave., 5/7
Medical Academy, room 1
E-mail: kfu.innovacia@mail.ru