Division of Monitoring and Analysis of Federal and Republican Programmes


Division Head

Roman Bliznyakov

Division staff

  • Larisa Ostapchuk – Lead Expert

Division’s Activities

  • Determination of target researches on specific regional problems of the Crimea;
  • Monitoring of University’s scientific activities;
  • Work coordination of Academic units and branches of the University in the field of innovative development and perspective projects;
  • Associate in the development of innovative infrastructure of the University, monitoring and assessment of innovative development efficiency of its Units, the economic societies and partnership created with its participation;
  • Interaction with public authorities and local government, the public and commercial organizations and their associations on the questions entering competence of Department.

Contact information

Republic of Crimea, Simferopol, Vernadsky ave.4, room 422, building B
E-mail: kfu.innovacia@mail.ru