Online study mode – Maxim Kriventsov, doctor of medical sciences of the Medical academy of the Crimean federal university


“Online study mode has become a challenge, but not a problem”, says Maxim Kriventsov, the Head of the Department of Pathological Anatomy with an autopsy course. Employees of the department for their work in the network not for the first year apply several different platforms at once. So doctors have their own department site, where everyone has the opportunity to use a virtual microscope and to explore scanned preparations. For live online communication in the teacher-student mode there are successfully used the “Discord” platform and online broadcasting “VKontakte”. In addition, the own YouTube channel is actively being developed. Already more than 3500 thousand subscribers watch regularly updated videos devoted to the basic issues of pathomorphology.

As for the student community’s interest in new approaches to education, here almost all teachers proudly declare – young colleagues like it! This can be seen even in the number of the students attending lectures and practical studies. And students of the medical academy have even shown how to study in the mode of self-isolation.

Speaking about the future of the higher school, the Department of Pathological Anatomy is sure that the experience gained today should be used in cooperation with classical higher education, what will undoubtedly be useful both for students and for teachers.

Pavel Miroshnichenko

CFU Press Service