The Results of the 6th Online Study Mode Week with Andrey Falaleyev



In an already traditional weekly address to students and lecturers of the Crimean Federal University the Acting Rector Andrey Falaleyev touched upon many topical questions, which were asked in groups of the CFU Situational Center.

In order to solve one of the pressing tasks, the University Administration is organizing the delivery of food packages to the dormitories. Also the question of the issue of interest-free loans to students will also be considered.

As for the educational process, according to Andrey Falaleyev, its “fine adjustment” is continuing.

“It is necessary to understand what load the student has – excessive, not excessive. There are no uniform solutions because the university is very diverse and every academy or institute is operating on its own during this period. We are continuing to look for the optimal mode of providing the online study mode”, he noted.

Most students are concerned with the question how the State Final Certification and midterm assessment will be organized.

“The organization of the online form of the defense of the graduate qualification work is much easier to de done than that of the exam. Many will replace the State Final Certification with the online defense of the graduate qualification work”, Andrey Falaleyev supposes. “When giving “credits” lecturers will base on a “cumulative” assessment of each student’s work. The choice of exam format – an oral response or testing – will depend on the teacher”.

Also, the Head of the University underlined that though the document circulation at the university was being transferred into electronic format, and most employees were working online, if it was necessary everyone had the opportunity to obtain necessary certificates and other documents in printed format.

The electronic model of the University is still at the stage of creation, and Andrey Falaleyev asked all the commentators in social networks to have feedback, but not to forget about the ethical code of conduct in the electronic environment.

At the end, the Head of the University named the winners of activity in social networks and voting for the best online practices of the online study mode. This week the main struggle has developed between lecturers of the Humanitarian and Pedagogical Academy and the Medical Academy.

Finally, the rector shared excellent news: none of the students and employees of the Crimean Federal University is ill with coronavirus!