President’s Prize Award Ceremony in Moscow


V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University Rector, Professor Sergey Donich, attended the Russian Federation President’s Prize Award Ceremony held at the Kremlin’s Catherine Hall in Moscow on February 10, 2016.

In the ceremony, Vladimir Putin presented the Presidential Prize in Science and Innovation for Young Scientists. The prize was established in 2008 and is awarded for contributions to advancing Russian science and innovation and aims to encourage laureates to pursue further projects.

President Vladimir Putin began his speech by congratulating the laureates and the entire scientific community on their professional holiday – Russian Science Day, which is marked every year on February 8th. “In thanking the laureates here today, I also want to address my words to everyone engaged in this field of such tremendous importance – science. Your efforts multiply our country’s unique scientific potential, give birth to breakthrough ideas, and create modern technology and science-intensive production,” he said.22-300x185

The winners of the 2015 prize are three researchers working in physics, biology and chemistry.

Dmitry Kopchuk was awarded the prize for the development of new luminescent and functional materials for molecular devices of various purposes. As President Putin observed, Dmitry Kopchuk has made a significant contribution to research on fundamental aspects of organic chemistry. The practical aspects of his research include the development of instruments to detect ultra-low concentrations of substances, including explosive substances. The use of this technology will help to improve the efficiency of the fight against terrorism. Other applications include new materials and possibilities for using these developments in other fields, including medicine.

Yekaterina Proshkina was awarded the prize for her contribution to the genetics of life span and aging. She studies the role of the body’s defence systems in increasing life span. Her scientific results open up new prospects for developing qualitatively new medicines.55-300x185

Vladimir Stegailov was awarded the prize for a series of developments in supercomputer multiscale modelling of materials under extreme conditions. His research is on the boundary of theoretical physics, mathematics and supercomputer technology. His achievements have laid a good base for creating unique materials with particular characteristics.

The President noted, that “the situation in Russian science, including the human resources situation, really is changing. I can say with all confidence that we have people to rely on. Science is attracting talented and promising young people. Compared to 2004, the number of researchers under the age of 39 has increased by more than 30 percent, in large part thanks to state support. This shows that we have succeeded in resolving the vital task of ensuring our research schools’ continuity and avoiding the risk of a gap between generations of scientists, which was something that many experts warned about at the start of the 2000s.”

44-300x185“It is a very good sign too that young scientists are demonstrating successful results in engineering, medicine, chemistry and biology, fields that determine the shape of technological progress, and play a decisive role in ensuring our country’s competiveness, developing the economic sectors of the future, and ensuring high standards and quality of life for our people.”

“There is no doubt that we must find new mechanisms to unite us and create conditions for promising young researchers and scientists to work. This is the aim of the changes that we are discussing now in the science sector.

I hope that with the help of one of our laureates here today, everyone in Russia will live not just long lives, but happy and active ones too. This is essential for scientific achievements”, President Vladimir Putin concluded.