The online study mode – Victor Voitiskiy. Associate professor of Taurida academy of the Crimean Federal University



It is any teacher’s holy duty to convey knowledge to the student regardless of all external factors. Even now, during the raging pandemic, a real teacher will find strength and opportunities to continue his work. This is what is being done by Victor Voitsky, Associate Professor of the Department of Mathematical Analysis of the Taurida Academy. For his lectures and practical classes he has purchased two boards to write on with a marker pen and has started to use a home videocamera with a tripod.

All his classes Associate Professor meticulously prepares, then records on video, and only then uploads into public access to special groups in VKontakte network. Simply put in this case the lectures take place in an offline format, in what there are undeniable advantages.

The lecturer notes that it is much more difficult to hold lessons in the online study mode. The associate professor mainly does it in social networks, discussing previously prepared tasks. The condition is sent into the group, students type there the ideas of a solution, an answer, or they upload photos of the full solution. The activity is encouraged with quality points.

At the same time Victor Voitskiy notes that new times require new pedagogical solutions. Various means of teaching are acceptable. It is important to choose the form that is comfortable for a lecturer and contributes to maximum mastering the material.