Online study mode – Eldar Mennanov, senior lecturer of the academy of construction and architecture of the Crimean federal university



The senior lecturer of the Department of Urban Planning of the Academy of Construction and Architecture Eldar Mennanov is sure that “choosing a platform for work in the online study mode system, each teacher should rely on the specifics of his or her subject”. He has been teaching his architect students the BIM programs for more than 20 years. For such a long period of time both lectures and practical classes has been made ideal.

But the coronavirus epidemic has made even more amendments to teachers’ work as everyone has moved into a virtual reality. For work in his study Eldar Mennanov has equipped a small studio, having bought videocameras and a microphone. And he uses ArchiCAD technologies of BIM program in the academic process. The students of the Academy of Construction and Architecture, having registered on a special site as the CFU students, get the opportunity to use the program free of charge without any restrictions on their personal computers. At the same time, there are some difficulties: working in this program, students do not always manage to do the task from the first time. But teachers also have a solution to this issue.

Working in the system of the online study mode, Eldar Mennanov has come across several other problematic spheres – but they are of technical character and generally do not have severe consequences for the educational process. But still, despite the successful transition to the network, the senior lecturer emphasizes that nothing will replace live communication between the student and the teacher.