The Online Study Mode – Yuliana Shramko, the Associate Professor of the Medical Academy



The Associate Professor of the Department of General and Clinical Pathophysiology of the Medical Academy of the Crimean Federal University Yuliana Shramko uses the social network “VKontakte” within the framework of the online study mode, where students receive information and fulfil their tasks, as well as Eduardo platform, where knowledge is checked by testing. The lecturer notes that this format of work is a good complement to classical education, but cannot replace it, especially in teaching medical students.

Yuliana Shramko teaches clinical pathophysiology for foreign students as well. They note that teaching is at a decent level, and in case of difficulties, it is always possible to ask the teacher for help.

According to the teacher, for the online study mode to become more effective, it is necessary to provide additional courses on working with special educational platforms.

Olga Yakimenko

Press Service of the Crimean Federal University