Vernadsky CFU Researchers Develop New Flu Vaccine


Researchers at Vernadsky CFU have created a unique oligonucleotide-based flu vaccine.

According to Oksana Andreeva, a Junior Research Fellow at the University’s Youth Laboratory for Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology, the new vaccine is effective against all subtypes of influenza and triggers a robust long-lasting immune response within the body.

“Our research shows very promising results. The Coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the crucial need for highly potent vaccines against various viral diseases. By using highly conserved segments of the influenza virus genome we can create universal vaccines that provide protection lasting several years, which means it will not be necessary to receive such vaccine annually,” added Oksana Andreeva.

The researchers are now focusing on the next phase: testing their vaccine on mice to confirm its safety and efficacy.

This research project is being supervised by Professor Viktor Oberemok, who has also worked on developing a COVID-19 vaccine in Crimea, and is carried out in the Youth Laboratory for Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology, which has been created at Vernadsky CFU under the National Project ‘Science and Universities’.