Vernadsky CFU to take part in research expedition to the Urals


Recently, the Russian Geographical Society held a press conference at its headquarters at the Konstantin Battery in Sevastopol to announce the Pripoliarnyi 2022 Research Expedition. At the event, the expedition team members were handed over the flags that will be raised on the highest peak of the Urals, Mount Narodnaya, located in the Nether-Polar Urals and standing at an elevation of 1,895 m.

For the first time, there are Vernadsky CFU representatives among the expedition team. Supported by the URAL Automobile Plant, the expedition plans to cover a distance of about 2,000 km, of which 400 km will be covered using STELS VIKING snowmobiles. The data collected during the expedition will be used to develop a scientific report containing a 3D route map.


A total of 30 people from various regions of the country will take part in the Pripoliarnyi 2022, which starts in early March and is set to last 16 days. Results from this expedition will greatly contribute to our knowledge and understanding of the northern regions of our country and will be used to design new tourist routes in the area.