Vernadsky CFU’s Geography students complete fieldwork in Crimean Mountains


Taurida Academy’s second-year Geography students conducted a fieldwork in Geomorphology at the Dologorukovskaya (Subatkan) Yayla, a mountain group in the Crimean Mountains.

According to Fieldwork Supervisor Gennady Samokhin, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Earth Science and Geomorphology at Vernadsky CFU’s Taurida Academy, during the seven-day field camp, students focused on examining key genetic types of relief in the area and learned the main field research techniques and data processing methods. While working on their projects, students engaged in a range of activities, including observing, mapping, measuring and recording the real world phenomena using up-to-date geographical equipment. They also learned essential team working skills and transferable skills that will prove invaluable to their future careers.

Fieldwork is a vital part of the University’s Geography degrees. Taking part in field trips is one of the most enjoyable and memorable aspects of the geography programmes at Vernadsky CFU’s. Field trips are also a fantastic way to travel and see new places and to get to know tutors and other students better.