Vernadsky CFU participated in the 8th annual VUSPROMEXPO exhibition which took place from 8th to10th December in Sochi.

The final event of the Year of Science and Technology was organised by the Russia’s Ministry of Science and Higher Education and held in the Sirius Art & Science Park in Sochi.

The University demonstrated its latest innovative developments, including a smart water level indication system, the ExoHand system for rehabilitation of patients with cerebral palsy, 3D anatomic models, the HunterLands_CFU hunting geolocation tool, and a range of organic beauty products containing active plant-based ingredients.

At the event, Vernadsky CFU Rector Prof. Andrei Falaleev was awarded a certificate of appreciation by Minister of Science and Higher Education Valerii Falkov in recognition of his valuable contribution to the Year of Science and Technology.

The exhibition showcased over 350 innovations and inventions and attracted around 3,100 participants representing 50 universities, 7 world-class research and educational centres, 30 largest companies in the country, leading industry players and government bodies.

The Year of Science and Technology in Russia is drawing to its end, but Vernadsky CFU remains committed to working towards new scientific discoveries and achievements.