Week results with the rector (fourth week already)



Lots of news, lots of congratulations, lots of specifics.

You see this video thanks to two dedicated girls:
Нero translator – Анастасия Труфанова
Hero editor – Кристина Сергеева

We have collected a short list of theses for you:
1. The best “story” about self-isolation – Rudenko L.I. and Kuryanov V.O. – paper or electronic book up to 1000 rub;
2. Postponement of payment for commerce until August 25 (we will not expell anybody);
3. DORMS: All students who return to the hostel for any reason will get a separate building for self-insulation (14 days) with the right of exit and entrance. Your belongings can be picked up from the rooms and moved to the “isolation” area.
All this is done only in order to avoid the possibility of the virus getting into the dormitories from coming children;
4. Cancel the “test” schedule, back to the old one;
5. Voting for new best practices in Distance Learning is about to begin. Presentation of the prize tablets;
6. The leader of activity – Александр Овсеенко;
7. Prospects and employment opportunities for students at the University. Countrywide trend and our experience;
8. Necessity to review and create an actual teaching method within the Distant. The question of overestimating amount of homework;
9. Panel discussions and conferences on various burning topics;
10. Development of Situational Centers in all structures of the university;
11. Online intermediate and final attestations!
12. A transition to the system of Electronic University and document management awaits us;
13. Dormitory fees for those who left for the period of “self-isolation” will not be charged for this month. If you have already paid this month, the fee will be carried over to the next one.

With respect, the Educational and Methodical Department and the Student Council of Vernadsky CFU