Wishing all our international students a happy Russian Students’ Day!


January 25th is marked in Russia as Tatiana’s Day, in honour of Saint Tatiana of Rome. It is also celebrated across the country as Russian Students’ Day. On this day back in 1755 Empress Elizabeth signed a decree founding the first university in Russia, Moscow State University. Since then, Tatiana has been known as the patron saint of students.

Today, we celebrate the many students in Russia who work tirelessly in the pursuit of their future pathways. Among them are hundreds of thousands international students from all corners of the globe.

Leaving home to pursue an education in a foreign country takes courage and determination that ought to be commended. At the same time, the experience of living and learning in a different country broadens one’s worldview and enhances their appreciation of different cultures and perspectives. International students often go on to make a difference in their communities, countries, and globally as a result of receiving a top-class education and studying at the best universities of the world.

V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University prides itself in being a home away from home for more than 2,000 international students hailing from nearly fifty different countries. They come here with dreams and ambitions and leave us with degrees and an experience of living and studying in Crimea well equipped to succeed in their lives.

We wish all of our students a very warm and happy Russian Students’ Day and look forward to many more years of providing the best learning experience for international students from around the globe.