Anatoliy Kubyshkin: Science has no borders


Despite the complex political circumstances in the country and sanctions imposed on Russia, Crimean scientists continue to be extensively engaged in international scientific activities worldwide.

Professor Anatoliy Kubyshkin, Deputy Director of S.I. Georgievsky Medical Academy and Council member of the International Society for Pathophysiology, has recently returned from the 12th World Congress on Inflammation that was held in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

2015-08-09-03-02-37-169x300Co-organized by the Inflammation Research Association under the auspices of the International Association of Inflammation Societies, this congress is one of the most exciting scientific meetings in the field of inflammation research. The chief goal of WCI2015 was to facilitate the scientific training of and interactions between scientists and clinicians to discuss the latest innovative topics in inflammation research ranging from basic molecular and cellular research through translational medicine to application and experiences with anti-inflammatory agents in the clinic.

The 4-day long international meeting comprised educational sessions including discussions of inflammatory diseases, unmet medical need and patient perspective presentations, prominent keynote speakers, and a number of symposia that covered the latest and most exciting scientific discoveries.

According to Professor Kubyshkin, Crimean scientists have quite competitive ideas but are currently experiencing difficulties with their implementation. Yet, even in challenging conditions, S.I. Georgievsky Medical Academy has internationally renowned scientists, the most notable of whom are Professor Konstantin Efetov and Professor Andrey Katsev.

“Science has no borders. Today, biomedicine is one of the most promising and most promoted areas of research. As long as we have strong and valuable ideas to share with the world, the issue of sanctions is of minor importance to those interested in collaboration with our researchers,” says Professor Kubyshkin.

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