Foreign Students During Self-Isolation Regime


Due to the spread of coronavirus infection in the territory of the Russian Federation, the students of the Crimean Federal University have switched to the regime of self-isolation. The Press Service of the Crimean Federal University has learned about the days of foreign students’ self-isolation. Read more

Football in standby mode



Until June 1 all the matches of the national student football league are stopped due to the coronavirus pandemic. But it doesn’t prevent the combined team of the Crimean Federal University to continue trainings. How football players under conditions of self-isolation are preparing for matches and what awaits the national student league in the future further in the video. Read more

Myths and Erroneous Ideas



Are antibiotics effective against the new coronavirus infection?

No. Antibiotics do not work against viruses. They are only used to treat bacterial infections. The new coronavirus is a virus, so antibiotics should not be used for its prophylaxis and treatment. Nevertheless, antibiotics can be prescribed to patients admitted to hospitals to treat second bacterial infections. Read more

Answers to the Main Questions about Coronavirus



What is coronavirus and how does one get infected?

A novel coronavirus is a respiratory virus which causes an acute respiratory virus disease. It spreads mostly through airborne droplet transmission as a result of inhaling droplets ejected from the airways of an infected person, particularly when he/she is coughing or sneezing, his/her saliva droplets or mucus ejected from his/her nose. The virus can also be transmitted when an infected person touches any soiled surface such as a door handle. In this case one gets infected when touching his/her own mouth, nose or eyes with unwashed hands. Read more